Shooting Club.

G. H. Kinnicutt won match A, which was finished yesterday, with a score of 20 out of a possible 30. Match B, 15 birds, for novices was started and Bancroft made top score with 7.

The fall handicap match, open to all members of the club, will be commenced next Thursday or Friday. The best three strings out of four are to be counted. Shoots will be held three times a week, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, but only two shoots in one week can count toward the match. This is to allow men who have afternoon recitations to shoot at least twice a week. There will be four classes: Class A to shoot at 15 birds; class B at 18; class C at 25, and class D at 30. The handicaps so far arranged by the directors are as follows:

Class A-Du Pont, Bartol, R. D. Sterling, Heckscher, Dove, Peirce.

Class B-Bancroft, Cutting, G. H. Kinnicutt, Paine.

Class C-L. T. Baker, R. B. Baker, Childs, F. A. Sterling, Donaldson, McBurney, Byrd, Shepard, Harris.

Class D-Tobey, Schlesinger, Litchfield, Ffoulke, Lunt.