Harvard Union Competitive Debate.

The Harvard Union held a competitive debate for membership last evening in Sever 11. Professor A. B. Hart and Mr. J. J. Hayes acted as judges.

The question was: "Resolved, That high license is preferable in Cambridge to prohibition."

F. S. Eliot L. S. opened the debate for the affirmative and N. P. Dodge L. S. for the negative.

Eighty men were present, 18 of whom spoke. The list follows: G. Calkins '97, W. G. Nash L. S., A. A. Bryant '97, S. P. Fay '96, H. F. Robinson '98, R. M. Alden Gr., A. B. Cunningham '97, S. Robinson '98, W. E. Weaver '98, M. G. Seelig '96, Grossman '96, V. H. Smith '99, W. G. B. Williams '97, R. D. Leypoldt Sp., J. L. O'Brien '96, H. S. Smith '98, A. B. Blakemore '97.