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It is impossible to find terms strong enough to condemn the theft of the Louisburg Cross from the University Library. Whether the person who committed the act was aware of the peculiar value of the cross, or not, the offence is an unpardonable one, and the penalty, in case the thief should be discovered, ought to be severe. Supposing, what is by no means certain, that the act was committed by a student, it will reflect seriously upon the University if many days are allowed to pass without either the return of the cross or the apprehension of the man who took it. For such acts as these are not done except in bravado and that implies that the knowledge of them will be shared by a number of men. If there is a single group of men in the University who are so utterly devoid of regard for its most valued memorials, as to countenance the possession of this cross by one of their number, it is to the shame of the whole body of students.

We are far from suggesting that any member of the University is bound to spy upon his fellow students, but we urge most strongly that a man who has any knowledge of the location of the Louisburg Cross is bound to do all that he can in an honest way to secure its return.