SHAKESPEARE CLUB.- Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 24, 7.30 p. m., at 18 Hastings. "Much Ado About Nothing," will be read. Mr. Wilbour has kindly consented to read the part of Benedick.

SHOOTING CLUB.- The following men meet in front of the Cooperative at 1.30 sharp to go to Wellington for team practice: Du Pont, Heckscher, H. Kinnicutt, Dove, Bartol, Hardy.

R. D. STERLING.SHOOTING CLUB.- Shoot Thursday at 2:45. Fall handicap match and Founder's cup match will be shot.

PUSH BALL PRACTICE.- All candidates report for practice at the Locker Building, Soldiers Field today at 4.15 sharp.

MAINE CLUB.- A smoker will be held on Wednesday evening, Oct. 23, at 8 p. m., at 44 Hasting Hall. All men from Maine are urged to attend.

PROSPECT UNION.- Two more men are needed to teach:- one a class in elementary bookkeeping, the other to teach English to a Dane and a Swede who come Tuesdays at 7.30. Please apply at once at 24 Little's Block.


ALL members of the University who wish to join the H. A. A. may do so by applying at Thurston's. Subscription $5.00.

LACROSSE.- As this week is to be the last week of regular practice all men should be out each day at 4 on Holmes. Games between the graduates and undergraduates will be played next week. There will be voluntary stick practice twice a week during the winter. New and very good sticks are now to be had at the Cooperative.

W. SCOTT, Capt.