Special Notice.

DANCING.- Mr. Arthur Black assisted by M'lle Golelle Florence will receive Harvard gentlemen for private or class lessons in ball room, stage or character dancing. The Trilby Waltz (new). Address, 142 Massachusetts avenue, corner Boylston street, suite 4. 10 10t

DANCING CLASSES. Mrs. L. J. Chandler's classes open as follows: North Cambridge, Odd Fellows Hall, Saturday, Oct. 5, 8 p. m.; Cambridgeport, Odd Fellows Hall, Tuesday, Oct. 8. 8. p. m. Residence, corner Mass. Ave. and Inman st.

YACHT'S at this season of the year may be bought at bargains. We have cat boats of every description on hand. If you are thinking of purchasing a boat of any description, write to the Buzzard Bay Yacht Agency, 33 North Water street, New Bedford, Mass.

RUSSIAN and other Slavic languages taught by a native Russian, three years professor in University. Best of references. Address Leo Wiener, N. E. Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass. 9 8t

DON'T buy a pencil. Call at Pach's Studio where Mr. Tupper will be pleased to supply the wants of every student.

It will soon be time to take interior pictures of rooms and orders may be left from now on. 23 tf

THE Outlook remains open for guests at reduced rates. Both houses perfectly heated by furnaces.

LUCY F. PERKINS.ANY one wishing remunerative work where a slight knowledge of Italian is required, please apply, CRIMSON office, A.

SHOES cleaned and polished each day for the rest of the year for $10.00. Johnston, at Marks's barber shop. 19 tf

INSURE your furniture against loss by fire with James H. Hilton, 26a Brattle street. Drop me a postal and I will call. 8 tf

TUTORING.- F. L. Meredith, B. S., High School experience. Algebra, geometry, all sciences and literature. 50 Holyoke street. 19 tf

LOST.- At Law School, Friday, Oct. 18. A heavy grey overcoat with black and grey linings. A pair of driving gloves in pocket. Kindly return to Librarian's desk, Law School. 24-4

ANNOUNCEMENT.- Mesdames Cates and Hall beg leave to announce that they have opened Select Dining Tables at No. 17 Story street, Cambridge. Special attention will be paid to catering for students' clubs.

Mrs. Cate's long experience at the Waverly House, Charlestown, Brant Rock House, and Women's Industrial Union, will insure a high degree of excellence both in cuisine and service. References given and required. 14 tf

Step into a Crawford Shoe Store and examine the make and quality of a Crawford Shoe at $6.00, $5.00 or even $4.00.

LUCIEN FOURNON, Instructor of fencing, 26a Brattle street (McNamee's Block). Terms $5 per month to members. Lessons for ladies as per arrangement. 27 2t