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It reflects discredit upon the three upper classes that their football teams should receive such wretched support as has been given to them this year. That out of a class of four hundred men there should be any difficulty in getting at least first and second elevens, seems absurd; yet this is the case, and has in past years been the case, until by dint of hard personal persuasion barely enough men have finally been got together to make a fair showing in the class championship games.

Such a lack of class spirit as is suggested by this state of things is lamentable, no doubt. But there is a great danger of talking about indifference and lack of class spirit in a forlorn, can't-be-helped tone that does more than anything else to increase the evil, and which is in nine cases out of ten a mere pretext to cover individual laziness.

The members of each class should appreciate what an injustice it is to their football captain to impose a laborious office upon him and then leave him practically alone to create a team as if they had no further responsibility in the matter.