Pierian Sodality.

The following men were candidates at the first trial for the Pierian Sodality last night:

Violins-W. W. Howell '99, P. Bancroft '99, H. Coonley '99, L. Luquer '99, H. Pappenheim '99, N. Ehrman '99, H. D. Bushnell '99, E. B. Terhune '99, H. S. Denison '99, H. V. Briesen '97, C. W. Blood '99, R. C. Archbold '96.

Violas-H. J. Bennett '98, F. Vorenbeig '99, M. P. Mason '99.

Double basses-J. P. Hayden '97, C. E. Case '98, A. W. Spencer '98.

French horn-G. H. Patterson D. S.

The trial of candidates was one of the most successful held in years. A large number of promising candidates presented themselves, and it is expected the Pierian will do better work this year than ever before. The concerts given last year were very promising, and aroused general interest in the college orchestra. What is especially wanted now are players on wind instruments, and it is hoped a large number of candidates playing these instruments will present themselves at the second trial of the Sodality tonight.