Pennsylvania Will Go to Nashua.

Yesterday the football eleven of the University of Pennsylvania had its last practice at Franklin Field before the game with Harvard on Saturday. This morning the football squad will leave Philadelphia for Nashua, N. H., where it is hoped the change of air will add to the strength of the team. The following men are to be taken, together with the coaches and managers: Williams, Boyle, Dickson, Gelbert, Orbison, Farrar, Bull, Whatron, G. Woodruff, W. Woodruff, Blair, Harrison, Off, Brooke, Wagenhurst, Stearns, Stannard, Worth, Minds, Hedges, Dunn, Goodman and Knipe.

There are several positions on the eleven that have not been definitely settled yet. Farrar and Off have both been doing fine work, and there is still doubt which will play right tackle.

The officials that have been chosen for the game are: Laurie Bliss, referee; Garfield and Dr. H. L. Williams, umpires.