H. D. A. Elections.

The vote for president of the Harvard Dining Association last night between H. C. Lakin L. S., and A. R. Sheriff '96 was so close that the committee decided to go over the ballots again, checking off each name. The result will be announced Monday. The vote for vice-president was as follows:

L. A. Ames '96, 315

L. W. Mott '96, 232

H. H. Davenport '97, 203

Scattering, 14


Total, 774

None of the candidates received a majority, so that there will be another vote taken tonight. As L. W. Mott '96 has withdrawn his name, the voting will be between L. A. Ames '96 and H. H. Davenport '97. The committee on election was composed of L. W. Mott '96 and

G. S. T. Newell L. S.