Changes In the 'Varsity. - Ex-Oarsmen Watched the Practice.

Yesterday the 'varsity crew practice consisted only in rowing 1000 strokes. Several graduates and ex-oarsmen watched the practice. Stevenson was again put at stroke and a number of other changes was made. The make-up was: Stroke, Stevenson; 7, Perkins; 6, Shepard; 5, Hollister; 4, Fennessy; 3, Manning; 2, Lewis; bow, Clark (Jennings).

Ninety-Seven's Order. - A New Shell In Prospect.For the past week Mr. Hammond, who has been coaching the '97 crew regularly, has been away. In his absence most of the coaching has been done by Captain Kernan. Yesterday the crew rowed 600 strokes, went through pully weight exercises and ran to Porter's Station. The following is the order in which the mon rowed:


Cornwell, Stroke, Buell.

Chapman, 7 Rantoul.

Williams, 6 Gleason.

White, 5 Connor.

Dunlop, 4 Elder.

Kernan, 3 Sullivan.

Wrightington, 2 Capen.

Phelps, Bow, Thompson.

A new cedar shell has been ordered for the '97 crew. It will be built by Davy, and will cost about $500.

Freshman Crew.Mr. Legate resumed charge of the freshman crew yesterday and put the men back in their old order. The nature of the practice was the same as usual and ended with a two mile run on the track.

Class Crew Managers.The following men have been appointed managers of their class crews: H. A. Bull '95, R. Talbot '96, M. E. Stone '97.

No manager of the freshman crew has been appointed as yet.