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It was some time ago that a committee was appointed to make arrangements for a series of "college conferences," at which it was hoped to bring out the ideas of the Faculty and the students on important questions which concerned them both. What this committee has done, or whether it has done anything, we have not learned. It would seem, though, as if the present question about intercollegiate football were admirably suited for discussion at a conference. The successful conduct of the conferences is sure to be matter of much difficulty, and it would be a great point gained to have the first one go off with some show of spirited interest. On the question of football the undergraduates would have more to say, and say it with greater freedom, than they would on any of the other subjects about which their opinion is desired. A conference now, we believe, might be made an entire success, and so a happy introduction to the expected series. If it could be held before the coming meeting of the Faculty, it is conceivable that the sentiment of that body might through their representatives be so influenced as to bring about the rescinding of the recent vote.