The English Play.

An announcement will be sent today to each member of the teaching force of the University, in order to give them an opportunity to secure tickets for the production of "The Silent Woman" to be given on Wednesday, March 20. On Thursday, March 11, at 9 a. m., the general sale for members of the University will begin at Sever's book-store, lasting until 6 p. m. on Friday. The orchestra stalls will be boarded over and used as an extension of the stage. The remaining seats in the first and second balconies will be sold for $2.00 apiece. Admission tickets will be sold for $1.00, at the door before each performance.

As an introduction to this production of the "Silent Woman," Mr. Baker will give a lecture Thursday, March 14 at 4.30 p. m., on "The Elizabethan Method of Producing a Play."

The stage setting of the play will be in the hands of Mr. W. H. Day, the New York architect, who is reproducing as nearly as possible the scenic arrangements of the old Swan Theatre. The music for the play will cosist of old English airs, newly orchestrated for the occasion.

The rehearsals of the students who will take the parts of the fops and gallants will begin early next week.