English C.

Topics for Fourth Forensic.*

1. Has the factory system been beneficial to the working class?

2. Are wages drawn from capital or from the product of the labor for which they are paid?

3. Is the English system of connecting the executive and the legislative branches of government preferable to the American system of keeping them distinct?

4. Ought the jury system to be abolished?

5. Is the pastoral letter of the Epispal bishops a "mediaeval document"?

6. In the preparation for college should the study of French precede that of Latin?

7. Should convicts be employed in productive labor?

8. Was Roger Williams banished because he beleived in "soul liberty"?

9. Was the admission of West Virginia constitutional?

10. Was Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo due to Grouchy's disobedience of orders?

11. Did antagonism exist between the early craft gilds and the town organizations?

12. Should departmental teaching be introduced into grammar schools?

13. Did Chaucer write the Romaunt of the Rose?

14. Has the Salvation Army justified its existence?

15. Are Harvard athletic teams representative?

16. Was Franklin's plan of Union in 1754 unpracticable?