General Registration After The April Recess.

The April recess extends from April 14 to April 20, inclusive. Every student is required to register between nine and twelve o'clock on the morning of Monday, April 22. College exercises will be held as usual on that day. The registration rooms are as follows:

Seniors in Sever 10.

Juniors in University 2.

Sophomores in Sever 2.

Freshmen in Lower Dane.

College Special Students in University 2.

Scientific Students in Library, L. S. S.

The attention of students is called to the following regulations:

"REGISTRATION AND RESIDENCE.Every student is required to register not later than 12 m. on the first weekday after the Christmas recess and the first week-day after the April recess.

Continuous residence at the University is required during term-time. No interruption of residence is permissible, except for satisfactory reasons stated to the Recorder (orally, if possible) before the student leaves Cambridge. The student who has been absent must also report in person to the Recorder immediately on his return."