Sophomore Chess Championship.

The long and close struggle for the Sophomore Chess Championship between A. W. Ryder, champion, and E. E. Southard, has been decided in favor of the latter. As is known, the Sophomore championship is the championship of the lower classes in the university, and was for the first time instituted in the present term. On the basis of the fall Chess Tournament, the championship was awarded to A. W. Ryder, who has held it up to the present time.

Mr. Ryder drew white for the first game, and in every other game of the match played P-K4. Mr. Southard, in each case in which he had black, played the so-called 'Philadelphia' French Defence.


1. Philadelphia French, Ryder

2. Ruy Lopez, Southard

3. Philadelphia French, Draw

4. Evans Gambit Declined, Ryder

5. Philadelphia French, Southard

6. Vienna, Southard

7. Philadelphia French, Draw

8. King's Gambit Declined, Southard

Southard: - 5; Ryder: - 3.