Freshman Class.

That the University is steadily growing is shown nowhere more clearly than in the increased membership of the freshman class this year. Last year's class numbered 399, while the catalogue this year shows a freshman class numbering 462, a gain of 63 over last year. This number does not include members of the Lawrence Scientific School, whose freshman class numbers 106, fifteen more than last year. In the membership of the College freshman class, Massachusetts is most largely represented, having a total of 277 men. Of these, 183 come from cities and towns within a radius of ten miles of Boston. The large schools of Boston proper do much to swell the the number, although the smaller suburban schools also send good delegations. Twenty-five states of the Union are represented in the remaining membership of the class. After Massachusetts, the seven states sending the largest number of men are: New York, 63; Illinois, 19; Ohio, 17; Pennsylvania, 12: Maine, 11; Missouri, 11; New Jersey, 9. Japan sends one representative. Nearly all the men live in Cambridge during term time; but 46 men live in Boston and vicinity, going to and from Cambridge every morning and night. The class contains several good athletes, having five men on the 'varsity football squad last fall. Large numbers of men are also trying for the baseball team, and the Mott Haven team.