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Tomorrow night the Student Volunteer Committee will hold an open meeting, at which addresses will be made by the Hon. Josiah Quincy, Professor Peabody, and Mr. C. W. Birtwell, director of the committee. The purpose of the meeting is to bring to the attention of students the many opportunities for charity work and the aims and methods of the Volunteer Committee.

The committee is an organization of from twelve to fifteen students, whose purpose is to direct the charitable and philanthropic work which is carried on during the year by undergraduates. Its work has been very successful and has done much to disprove the charge of Harvard self-sufficiency and indifference. Certainly no one who knows of its work can believe that Harvard men are indifferent to the needs and suffering of their less fortunate neighbors. It has been estimated that last year one man in every eight was engaged in some philanthropic work. The percentage is gratifyingly large, but there is no reason why it should not be one to four instead of one to eight. The committee is able to furnish an abundance of opportunities for philanthropic work, in such a variety in its character, time and place that almost every student could find something that he would be able to do.

Every man who is willing to do any charitable or philanthropic work should attend the meeting tomorrow or meet Mr. Birtwell, who will be in 17 Grays each Tuesday morning. Even to those who do not feel able to do any work the meeting will be interesting and helpful. They will hear of scenes and experiences new to them and perhaps will have their views of life broadened and their sympathies quickened.