Scholarships in the Graduate School.

A few vacancies have arisen in the list of scholarships in the Graduate School for the current academic year. Applications for appointment to the places now vacant or to others which may later become vacant should be addressed to the Committee on Fellowships and Other Aids to Graduate Students, and deposited with Mr. Blandy at the office of the Dean of the Graduate School, No 10, University Hall, on or before Thursday, 15 October. Official blank forms of application may be obtained at the same office. All new applications should be written on these forms. But a person who wishes to renew a former application, made in the spring or summer of this year, may do so by filing written notice of such wish at the place and within the time above specified, and need not fill out a new form. This notice of renewal, addressed to the Committee, is now requested from all persons who desire to continue a former candidacy of this year, even if they have already signified their purpose to the Corresponding Secretary or otherwise. But persons who applied in some former year and have not previously applied this year should file new applications on official blanks. New documents and additional information may be sent in by any applicant, to supplement what has already been submitted. The list of candidates now to be made up will be used throughout the year, in case of vacancies; but other names may be added to it later. A vacancy caused by some withdrawal is generally, but not necessarily, filled by the appointment of a student in the same department of study as that to which the original appointee was referred; but a vacancy in one of the higher scholarships is sometimes filled by the promotion of a student already appointed to a lower one, and this is done at the discretion of the Committee, no application being needed, while the lower scholarship, thus vacated by promotion, is assigned to a student not previously provided for.

J. M. PEIRCE,Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.