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The Freshman eleven, after a very unsatisfactory beginning of the season, has improved greatly and yesterday played a very creditable game against the Worcester Athletic Association team. But the improvement in the playing of the eleven has not been accompanied by an increase in the interest shown by the class in its work. There has been if possible a lessening of the interest. Yesterday, at an important game against the team which played the Yale Freshmen a close game, there were but twenty-two tickets sold and of these less than half were held by Freshmen.

The case is unparalleled. Former Freshman classes have been blamed for having the enthusiasm more of a body of third year Graduates studying for a doctorate than of young and enthusiastic first year men. But such lethargy, such a lack of class spirit, such disheartening and selfish indifference to everything except their own private interests, no Freshmen, within the memory or knowledge of any present undergraduate, have shown. They will have no one to blame but themselves, if the eleven, stirred by no interest or support by their classmates, lose any feeling of responsibility they may have and fail to win the one important game of the season.