Musical Clubs' Concert at Newton

Last evening the 'Varsity Glee, Mandolin and Guitar Clubs gave a concert at Newton for the benefit of the Willard "Y" Settlement of the Y. W. C. T. U. Miss Daisy Grace Earle recited several character selections. The musical clubs were taken to Newton and back by a special electric car. The concert was over at 9.45 and the men returned at once to Cambridge.

In spite of the fact there were to be no encores, enthusiastic applause induced the Banjo Club to pay the "Handicap March" and "Rastus on Parade" in addition to their regular numbers. The Glee Club was especially good.

Although this was their first appearance the Harvard clubs gave an excellent concert and this year's fall entertainment at Sanders Theatre promises to be better than any which have been given during the past few years.