The Result Much in Doubt.- Harvard's Chances Considered Fair.

The intercollegiate chess tournament during the coming holidays will be held at New York, at the Columbia Grammar School, 51st street. Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia will be represented. In 1894 Yale tied Princeton for second place. Columbia and Harvard have each won the tournament twice. This year the Columbia players are receiving the best possible coaching but Harvard is said to have a fair chance.

The four teams are made up as follows:

Harvard-A. W. Ryder '97 and E. E. Southard '97; substitutes, W. C. Arensberg 1900 and J. Hewins '98.

Yale-F. A. Lehlbach '98 and W. M. Murdoch '98; substitutes, L. A. Cook 1900 and H. C. Robbins '99.

Princeton-E. B. Sevmour '98 and W. W. Young '99; substitutes, J. A. Ely '99 and F. W. Jarvis 1900.

Columbia-A. W. Parker, Jr., '99 and G. O. Seward '98; substitutes, G. Parker 1900 and A. M. Price '97.

The hours of play are each afternoon from 2.30 till 6 and each evening from 8 till 10.30. In case a game is not finished at 10.30 a decision will be given by the referees, Mr. S. Lloyd and Mr. E. Delmar.

The schedule of games is as follows:

Monday, Dec. 28.- Parker, C., vs. Ryder, H.; Lehlbach, Y., vs. Symour, P.; Seward, C., vs. Young, P.; Murdoch, Y., vs. Southard, H.

Tuesday, Dec. 29.- Parker, C., vs. Lehlbach, Y.; Seymour, P., vs. Ryder, H.; Seward, C., vs. Southard, H.; Murdoch, Y., vs. Young, P.

Wednesday, Dec. 30.- Parker, C., vs. Seymour, P.; Lehlback, Y., vs. Ryder, H.; Seward, C., vs. Murdoch, Y.; Young, P., vs. Southard, H.

Thursday, Dec. 31.- Southard, H., vs. Parker, C.; Ryder, H., vs. Seward, C.; Young, P., vs. Lehlbach, Y.; Seymour, P., vs. Murdoch, Y.

Friday, Jan. 1.- Murdoch, Y., vs. Parker, C.; Ryder, H., vs. Young, P.; Lehlbach, Y., vs. Seward, C.; Southard, H., vs. Seymour, P.

Saturday. Jan. 2.- Young, P., vs. Parker, C.; Ryder, H., vs. Murdoch, Y.; Southard, H., vs. Lehlbach, Y.; Seymour, P. vs. Seward, C.

Tickets, at 50 cents each, are for sale at Leavitt and Peirce's.