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This morning Dr. McPherson closes his term as University Preacher to return to his work in Chicago, and we feel that we must not let him go without a few words to show him that the students have appreciated, and are grateful for, his services. He came here as a stranger, and within a few short weeks has won his way into confidence of the students and has become a near friend. Many of the members of the University who went to hear Dr. McPherson preach his first sermon here a few weeks ago, knew of him by reputation, but few had ever seen him before. His sincerity and his simple, straightforward manner of speaking appealed to his hearers, as these characteristics invariably appeal to Harvard men. When they left the Chapel on that first evening, the students felt that they had made a new friend and since then he has continued to identify himself with the students' interests. We feel that we speak for the University in thanking Dr. McPherson for his services as Preacher.

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