Harvard Law Review.

At a meeting last night the editors of the Harvard Law Review elected Robert Gray Dodge, A. B., 1893, of Newburyport, Mass., editor-in-chief for the coming year. The senior members of the board retired, leaving the management of the journal entirely in the hands of the second year members. To round out the number of men on the board, the following six men were elected: Franklin Morse Archer, A. B., Princeton 1894; Robert Homans, A. B., Harvard 1894; and Harry Upsar Sims, A. B., University of Virginia 1894, from the second year class; and Roland Gray, A. B., Harvard 1895; Lloyd Waddell Smith, Ph. B., Yale 1895; and Harold Dexter Hazeltine, A. B., Brown 1895, from the first year class. The other members of the board as now constituted are: James Parker Hall, A. B., Cornell 1894; Logan Hay, A. B., Yale 1893; William Hector Saunderson Kollmyer, A. B., McGill University 1892; Robert Gray Dodge, A. B., Harvard 1893; Herbert Conrad Lakin, A. B., Harvard 1894; Livingston Ham, A. B., Brown 1894; Arthur Merwin Marsh, A. B., Yale 1892; and Edward Sandford, A. B., Columbia, 1894.