Appleton Chapel.

Bishop John H. Vincent of Topeka, Kansas, conducted the service in Appleton Chapel last evening. He took as his text 1 Timothy I, 1, 2.

The keynote of these verses, Bishop Vincent said, is "God our Saviour," just as the keynote-the theme of themes of the Book of books is Salvation. Salvation is a state of perfect moral health, and of perfect adjustment to the spiritual world of which we are a part. Just as a child need not understand the complexity of electricity in order to turn on a light by merely moving a switch, so we need not know the philosophy of salvation to be saved. Salvation is possible and effective (through Christ); it is a reality.

The choir sang: The Path of the Just, Roberts; O, Give Thanks unto the Lord, Jackson; The Day is Past and Over, Marks. A tenor solo in the last was sung by E. M. Waterhouse '97.