Freshman Baseball.

The freshman baseball squad, battery candidates included practiced on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. During the first part of the practice some of the men were given batting practice at the nets, while the others were given fielding practice. Two nines were then formed and a three inning game was played although no count of runs was kept. The batting was weak on both sides, but the fielding of the first team was decidedly good for this time of year.

The make-up of the teams was as follows:

First nine-Morse, p.; Davis, c.; Jaffray, 1b.; Montgomery, 2b.; Adams, 3b.; Galbraith, s.s.; McCall, l.f.; Barstow, c.f.; McMurtrie, r.f.

Second nine-Lynch, p.; Taylor, c.; Farr, 1b.; White, 2b.; Forbes, 3b.; Nowell, s.s.; Graves, l.f.; Sears, c.f.; Hamilton, r.f.