Princeton's Anniversary.

The interests of Princeton undergraduates, alumni and faculty are centred on the outcome of the celebration to be held October 22, 1896. This date marks the 150th anniversary of the granting of the first charter of the college of New Jersey.

With this celebration Princeton will enter a new era, under the name of Princeton University. Not only will the name of the institution be changed, but almost $1,000,000 has already been promised to help the institution to assume university dimensions. Many of the most prominent men in this country and abroad have been secured to speak at the celebration, including President Cleveland. Professors Fine, Frothingham and Marquand have been abroad to secure prominent men from the universities of Germany, France and England, and have met with great success. France not only promises to be represented, but the entrance requirements of her universities have been made such as to be most advantageous to Princeton graduates.

The ceremonies are to be made as symbolic as possible of Princeton life. Especial prominence will be given to Princeton's part in the revolutionary war and the framing of the constitution of our country.