Harvard Lampoon.

At a meeting for candidates for the Harvard Lampoon which was held yesterday afternoon in the Sanctum, a very large number of men presented themselves. The following are the names: For Literary editors-H. G. Caldin 1 L., F. L. Waldo '98, A. V. Brower 1900, E. Schlesinger 1901, R. Davol 1900, A. F. Gotthold 1900, M. Seasongood 1900, G. E. Fleming 1900, R. Haughton 1900, H. F. Howard 1900, A. E. Corbin 1901, S. Forbes 1900; and the following men for drawing-J. T. Harrington '99, R. F. Bolles 1900, T. M. Shaw 1900, R. H. Dana 1901, J. G. Cole 1900, R. H. Greeley 1901, J. D. Barney 1900, B. F. Bell 1900, C. M. Bill 1900, J. Lea 1900, R. Livermore 1900, B. Edwards 1900, P. E. Coyle 1901, R. Pulitzer 1900.

During the rest of the year the Sanctum will be open to candidates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from five until six in the afternoon, when work will be received and criticised and the originals of drawings returned. It is hoped that more candidates will present themselves next Tuesday or later.