A Harvard Hero.

The Buffalo Commercial published the following on October 26th, in an account of the recent railroad accident on the New York Central Railroad:

"A man flung suddenly, when fast asleep, out of a car-window into a river manages to swim, with one shoulder broken, to the shore. Upon crawling up he hears behind him from the wrecked and sinking cars a woman's voice begging help. The man goes back into the river, crippled as he is, but is too late. The woman perishes before her rescuer can reach her, who nevertheless brings back to land and life a man lying on the car who cannot swim. Clarence Morgan of Buffalo, manager of the Depew Improvement Company, a young Harvard graduate of the class of '94, is the man who played this man's part in the dark and cold at Garrison's, Sunday morning, although he had the good excuse of a broken shoulder for playing the noncombatant after saving himself."

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