'Varsity Practice.

The 'Varsity held its weekly secret practice yesterday afternoon, and although there was no line-up, the whole hour being spent in a hard and systematic drill of signals and plays, the practice was decidedly encouraging from the fact that all of the men who have been laid off with injuries during the past few weeks were out again and in fairly good condition. Sawin went through the plays with the second eleven, and Bouve, Swain and Donald took their old places in the line. Of the latter, Donald is the only man whose injuries will still keep him out of the game for any considerable length of time. Behind the line Sullivan played left half in place of Dibblee who was given a day's rest.

The 'Varsity went through the plays with the following line-up:

Cabot, l. e.; Swain, l. t.; Bouve, Boal, l. g.; Doucette, c.; Haskell, r. g.; Donald, r. t.; Moulton, r. e.; Garrison, q. b.; Sullivan, l. h. b.; Parker, r. h. b.; Warren, f. b.

A game with Wesleyan, to be played on Soldiers Field, has been arranged for Wednesday, Nov. 3rd, in place of the cancelled B. A. A. game.