Yale, 6; West Point, 6.

Yale sustained a practical defeat at West Point on Saturday. Although the score gave the game the semblance of a draw the cadets practically won. During both halves the play was continually in Yale's territory, and it was only during the last half when there were but five minutes to play that Corwin secured the ball on a fumble and scored a fluke touchdown after a seventy yard run.

The game showed that Yale is not so weak, as that West Point is remarkably strong. The showing made by the cadets in the Harvard game two weeks ago was an indication of their strength. It was expected that the score would be close, but a tie was not hoped for at West Point. Yale was on the defensive almost throughout and but for McBride's punting, aided by a strong wind, the cadets would have made more than one touchdown. It was clear that on the whole the Yale team was the weaker.

West Point's touchdown was scored after they had placed the ball on Yale's five yard line twice in succession only to lose it on downs and a fumble. It was finally carried across on long runs by Nesbitt, Foy and Waldron. During the second half the cadets had the ball on Yale's five yard line repeatedly but were unable to force it across.