Golf Championship.

The preliminary round of the University golf championship tournament for the gold medal will be played today. This tournament, held under the auspices of the Harvard Golf Club and played on the club grounds, will be governed by the rules published in last Friday's CRIMSON. The results of this preliminary round and the drawings for the first round for the championship will be published tomorrow.

The following are the entries:

T. M. Hastings '98, G. C. Johnson 1901, J. G. Averell '99, W. B. Cutting, Jr., 1900, C. R. Henderson, Jr., 1901, J. F. Curtis '99, J. DeK. Towner '98, M. E. Jenkins L. S., G. M. Wheelock 1901, J. N. Bonaparte '99, T. H. Robbins '99, W. B. Robbins '99, R. B. Sprague L. S., Chandler Robbins '99, H. H. Shaw '99, E. R. Marvin '99, E. B. Barstow 1900, S. B. Buck '98, H. C. Perkins M. S., W. M. Tyler '99, E. P. Fay L. S., R. S. Hardy 1901, J. G. Forbes 1901, R. B. Porter M. S., Stough-Bell L. S., J. H. Choate, Jr., L. S.