Yale Rowing.

[Yale News].

For the past few weeks a number of candidates for the Yale crew have been rowing daily at the harbor under the coaching of Mr. R. J. Cook '76. This work is not a part of the regular competition, but merely the thorough teaching of the first principles of the stroke to candidates who are able to give their time to daily practice at this season of the year. Football work has up to this time prevented many candidates from presenting themselves, and as yet no freshmen candidates for the university crew have received coaching.

The work at the beginning consisted of the individual coaching of a few candidates in the pair oars by Mr. Cook. This was continued until about ten days ago when the eight-oared was used, the candidates rowing as follows: Stroke, Williams 1900; 7, Greenleaf '99 S.; 6, Niedeken 1900; 5, Cross 1900; 4, Wickes 1900; 3, Parkhurst '99 or Brock 1900; 2, Patterson 1900; bow, Whitney '98, captain.

The work throughout has been very light and no long stretches have been rowed. All rowing has been done in the harbor inside of the bridge. Friday for the first time the tanks in the gymnasium were used, owing to the inclemency of the weather. The work on the harbor will be continued as long as the weather permits.

Under all probabilities there will be no changes in the stroke or in the rigging of the boat, but the same method and equipment will be employed as were used last year. Mr. Cook is expected to remain the entire season and will have complete charge of the coaching.