The Need of Light in the Museum.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

Perhaps from lack of consideration, perhaps from a false sense of economy, the exhibition rooms of the University Museum are very poorly lighted. From personal observation and experience, I have found that the Museum is visited mostly in the short winter afternoons or on dark, rainy days, when there is so little light in the rooms that none but those specimens in the cases nearest the windows can be seen. Several times I have been compelled to leave the Museum many hours earlier than I had intended, merely because I could not see the exhibits. I do not dount that this is the case of many others, also, who are interested in the Museum, but who have come to the conclusion that they must give up entirely their visits to the Museum or else go there on bright. Pleasant afternoons, when they had much better be out of doors. If the Corporation would appropriate a small sum for the illumination of the exhibition rooms, the whole difficulty would be obviated, and the Museum whould be put in a condition to serve its purpose twice as well as formerly.

A. H.