Crimson Candidates.

In answer to the call for candidates for the CRIMSON, 38 men presented them selves last evening. These men will begin work at once. Any others who wish to try may hand in their names to the Managing Editor.

The list of candidates from the Sophomore class is:

L. E. Marple, Ford Holt, J. W. Farley, F. A. Turner, Jr., Sidney Otis, J. H. Sherburne, N. S. Simpson, A. S. Eyre, J. B. Rorer, R. L. Hoguet, Henry James, 2d, H. H. Kidder, F. R. Plumb, Jr.

From the Freshman class:

A. L. Becker, F. E. Bissell, A. F. Gott-hold, A. W. Hollis, R. P. Dana, N. Robinson, Jr., F. R. Childs, Conrad Hobbs, Richard Haughton, A. S. Gilman, George Nichols, F. N. Chessman, Arthur Washburn, T. H. Eaton, F. H. Stevens, J. J. Peckham, W. N. Seaver, Donald Scott, A. L. Richards, C. S. Oakman, S. W. Lewis, G. O. Smith, G. P. Howe, F. W. Aldred, and T. H. Whitney Sp.