Baseball Practice to Begin.

This afternoon the candidates for the Freshman nine will begin regular work. Under the direction of W. L. Garrison '97 and W. H. Rand of last year's nine they will have practice in picking up grounders, sliding and starting, etc., but the practice in batting will not begin for some time yet.

The Freshman battery candidates will also begin work this afternoon under the direction of Tim Keefe, who coached the pitchers last year.

Tomorrow C. J. Paine '97, P. D. Haughton '99, G. F. Cozzens '98, and W. S. Fitz '99, pitchers, and J. W. Dunlop '97, E. P. Davis '99, G. Burrage '98 and F. D. Cochrane '99, catchers, will begin battery practice in the Carey Building, also under Keefe's coaching. The general call, however, for battery candidates for the 'Varsity nine has not yet been issued.