Rowing Notes.

The University crew were coached by Mr. Mumford on Saturday. The order was as follows:

Stroke, Boardman; 7, Goodrich; 6, Thompson; 5, J. H. Perkins; 4, J. F. Perkins; 3, Marvin, Moulton; 2, Sprague; bow, Hurley.

The first Junior crew rowed Saturday in the following order:

Stroke, Dobyns; 7, Marvin; 6, Riggs; 5, Fuller; 4, Wadsworth; 3, Barnes; 2, Kinnicutt; bow, J. Adams.

Captain H. Adams and A. H. Rice, who was rowing with the 'Varsity last week, but is now with his class crew again, coached the men.

Nine of the candidates for the Sophomore crew rowed in the tank Saturday morning. More men could not get out on account of examinations that day. The crew rowed in the following order:

Stroke, Samson; 7, P. Davis; 6, Sargeant; 5, Swift; 4, Blakie; 3, Adams; 2, Donald; bow, Watson, Simons.

B. H. Dibblee, J. F. Perkins and E. Boardman did the coaching.