Fact and Rumor.

The new'Varsity barge built by Davy was finished yesterday and used by the crew for the first time. It proved thoroughly satisfactory.

The Harvard Forum-Columbia Union debate will be held this evening at the Carnegie Lyceum in New York. The Forum representatives will speak in the following order: H. G. Gray '97, G. Gleason '97, P. G. Carleton '99.

At Professor Wendell's play, "Ralegh in Guiana," in Sanders Theatre Monday evening, seats have been reserved for members of the Boston Tavern Club and for the Faculty. Seats in the second balcony, and a few in the first, are on sale at Sever's, and at Herrick's in Boston.

Through the Student Volunteer Committee, the Young Men's Christian Association has received as a gift from the Henry F. Miller Piano Co., Boston, a piano for use at the Sailors'Reading Room on T Wharf. James W. Cook and Son, Boston, kindly did the moving free of charge.

Mr. Charles J. Bonaparte '71, who is to address the University March 23, will speak on "A Danger to Honest Government." He will refer to the possibility that the President might be led under existing circumstances, to use his appointing power as a means of obtaining legislation from Congress at the extra session now convened.