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W. R. Mansfield '97 has been appointed captain of the track team which will compete against the M. I. T. team. By a mistake the date of the games was announced in yesterday's Crimson as May 12. They will be held Friday, May 14.

A Connecticut Valley Harvard Club has been organized at Springfield with the following officers: President, Col. J. A. Rumrill; first vice-president, R. W. Ellis; second vice-president, F. L. Greene; secretary and treasurer, C. H. Beckwith.

The Forum speakers in the annual Forum-Union debate, which is to take place May 14, have been selected as follows: Principal disputants: W. H. Conroy '99, P. G. Carleton '99. Rebuttal speakers: F. R. Steward L. S., Fletcher Dobyns '98, G. H. Dorr '97, W. S. Youngman L. S., G. L. Paine Gr. S., W. E. Hutton L. S.