Scrub Baseball.

Yesterday afternoon on Norton's Field the "No Names" defeated the "Weary Williams" by a score of 16-4. The game was characterized by quick, snappy playing, especially by the "No Names," both in fielding and at the bat. Galbraith and Buck, the battery for the "No Names," excelled in all round work, the former striking out ten men. The fielders were all good, Bement in centre accepting several difficult chances. For the "Weary Williams" Gurney in left field played a strong game. The make-up of the teams was:

"No Names"- Galbraith, p.; Buck, c.; Sledd, 1b.; H. Robinson, 2b.; F. Robinson, 3b.; Nowell, s. s.; Barrell, l. f.; Bement, c. f.; Morrison, r. f.

"Weary Williams"- Rumery, p.; Keene, c.; Smith, 1b.; Howard, 2b.; Marks, 3b.; Hawkes, s. s.; Gurney, l. f.; Hooper, c. f.; Brine, r. f.