Freshman Baseball.

The Freshman baseball squad has been practicing on Soldiers Field for over two weeks and has been reduced to about thirty men. The daily practice consists of batting at the nets and fielding practice, after which the squad is divided up into two nines. The squad has shown improvement the last few days; the fielding is sharper and cleaner, and the batting much better. The coach is now getting the team up in good shape to meet Boston Latin next Saturday. This week the squad will be reduced to those men who are needed for the Easter practice.

As the 'Varsity will go up to Holmes Field today, if the weather is fair, the Freshmen will practice on the 'Varsity diamond on Soldiers Field.

Yesterday afternoon, the nines played as follows: c., Moore; p., G. H. Wilder; 1b., Lewis; 2b., Sargent; 3b.; Ewer; s. s., Rainbolt; l. f., W. R. Martin; c. f., Fraunfelter; r. f., R. M. Martin; c., Edmunds, Adsit; p., F. M. Wilder, Fox; 1b., Skillings; 2b., Farrington, Hatch; 3b., Wheeler; s. s., Beardsell; l. f., Churchill, Haughton, Bell; c. f., George, Holden, Chessman; r. f., Cutting, Underwood.