Special Notice.

MOSELEY'S New Haven House Fronting Yale University has been entirely modernized during the past twelve months. The reputation for the excelence of the table is being sustained.

33 20

JUST OUT-Our Rascall the Rival-No more clothing stolen. It shows how easy they can enter your room with the door locked and how to prevent them. It exposes every rascally device and explains the safeguard for your protection. 500 illustrations showing vividly the ways and workings of the hydraheaded rascal. 27 years experience of Supt. B. P. Eldredge and Chief Inspector Wm. B. Watts. It is a standard authority on crime and its prevention that should have a place in every library. Address, X, Crimson office. 41 2

TO RENT.- Entire main front of house, No. 10 Appian Way, to a club of four to six students for college year '97-'98. Has rented thus in previous years. Enquire at house. 35 6t

NOTICE TO BICYCLE RIDERS.- There is a club forming at the Gymnasium for the purpose of securing a big discount on wheels. Any one intending to purchase a bicycle would do well to leave his name at the Gymnasium with the janitor, where a sample wheel can be seen, or drop us a postal and we will call. We can get you a '96 or '97 wheel at a big discount. Address Z, Crimson Office.

39 6

A petition is being circulated for the removal of the post-office from its present narrow quarters to a better location. A copy is accessible for signature in the outer office of the Crimson. 39 6

AGENTS WANTED-For War in Cuba, by Senor Quesada, Cuban representative at Washington. Endorsed by Cuban patriots. In tremendous demand. A bonanza for agents. Only $1.50. Big book, big commissions. Everybody wants the only endorsed, reliable book. Outfits free. Credit given. Freight paid. Drop all trash, and make $300 a month with War in Cuba. Address today, The National Book Concern, 352-356 Dearborn St., Chicago. 33-30t

NEGLIGEE Shirts in Madras and Flannel and made to measure from all sorts of wash stuffs at Boardman's, Tremont Building, opposite Parker House.