'Varsity vs. Williams.- College Nine vs. West Point.- 1900 vs. St. Mark's.

The 'Varsity nine left Cambridge for Williamstown at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Paine will be given a day off and Fitz will pitch in the game today, while Chandler will be at short.

The following are the batting orders of the two teans:


Dean, 2b. s. s., Heffernan.

Burgess, r. f. 2b., Dewey.

Haughton, 1b. 1b., Goodrich.

Scannell, c. c., Doughty.

Rand, l. f. 3b., Drysdale.

Stevenson, 3b. c. f., Seaver.

Beale, c. f. c., Ross.

Chandler, s. s. r. f., Noble.

Fitz., p. p., Janeson.