The Sophomore Members of the Union Defeated in Debate.

The Freshman Debating Club defeated the Sophomore members of the Union in their joint debate last evening. The subject for debate was "Resolved, That the action of Mr. Cleveland in vetoing the recent immigration bill was commendable." The Freshman debaters, J. A. Richards, W. P. Eaton and S. B. Southworth, supported the negative side of the question. The affirmative side was taken by the Sophomores, G. R. Stobbs, R. L. Hoguet and F. O. White. President Capen of Tufts College, Professor Taussig and Dean Briggs acted as judges of the debate and Professor G. P. Baker presided.

On both sides such faults appeared as might be expected in a debate between Freshmen and Sophomores. Bad English, monotonous delivery and nervousness were the most glaring imperfections, but there was much that was satisfactory in the debate. Houget '99 and Eaton 1900 showed a good deal of fire in their speeches, and the arguments of Southworth 1900 and White '99 were well chosen and adequately expressed.

After the debate the Freshman Debating Club gave a banquet to the debaters at the Colonial Club.

The following men responded to toasts:

The Debate, Professor Baker.

Benefits of Debating, Dean Briggs.

The Union, Charles Grilk.

The Forum, Frank Steward.

The Class in Athletics, William Burden.

Humor in Debating, R. S. Holland.

Old Harvard Orators, J. E. M'Closkey.

Preparing for Debate, R. C. Bolling.

Inter-Class Debating, F. C. Smith.

The Club, T. H. Whitney.

G. O. Smith, president of the Club, acted as toastmaster.