Tonight's Promenade Concert.

The programme for the Promenade Concert tonight at Music Hall, Boston, is as follows:

1. March, "Wizard of the Nile," Herbert.

2. Overture, "Mignon," A. Thomas.

3. Waltz, "Espana," Waldteufel.

4. Selection, "Robin Hood," DeKoven.

5. Ballet Music, "Sylvia," Delibes.

a. Les Chasseuresses.

b. Introduction and Valse Lente.

c. Pizzicato Polka.

d. Bacchanale.

6. Hymn to St. Cecilia. Gounod Solo Violin, Mr. J. Hoffmann.

7. Graceful Dance. Sullivan.

8. Overture, "Rienzi" Wagner.

9. Selection, "Carmen," Bizet.

10. Waltz, "Grubenlichter," Zeller.

11. Polka, "The Mill," Strauss.

12. March, "Up the Street," Mason.