Book Notice.

The latest novel by Mrs. Prince "A Transatlantic Chatelaine," (Houghton, Mifflin and Co.) is hardly as good, considered as a story, as "Christine Rochefort," her first attempt, but as a picture of modern French society it is extremely interesting. An intensely Puritanical New England girl, left a rich widow, marries a French nobleman, chiefly for his title and later discovers that he is more or less of a blackguard. Some incidents of the Franco-Prussian war are woven into the plot in an interesting way, although there is no actual fighting. The characters are not as clearly drawn as some in her earlier works, being rather conventional, but the plot is carefully constructed, although the ending is rather unsatisfactory and suggests the "Prisoner of Zenda." As a whole the book is interesting and serves well enough to while away a rainy afternoon.