Harvard Cricketers.

In the international cricket match between the Gentlemen of Philadelphia and Mr. P. F. Warner's team of English gentlemen, which was won by the Philadelphians with four wickets to spare, the American team included P. H. Clark, Harvard '96, and J. H. Scatter-good, Harvard '97. Scattergood's wicket keeping was a feature of the game, and Clark did valuable work in bowling. J. A. Lester, formerly of Haverford College, made 73 and 24, the former being top score for his sid. Lester has entered the Harvard Graduate School.

Bull, Yale '88, and McCormick, Yale '92, will coach the Carlisle Indian School team this fall.

Allen who rowed on the Yale eight is being tried at tackle on the football squad, while Sheldon, the hammer thrower and shot putter, who was conditioned last spring, has been declared eligible by the faculty and has resumed his old position at guard.