The Battery Candidates.

About twenty battery candidates for the 'Varsity and Freshman teams are doing steady work, under the direction of Mr. Lewis, every afternoon in the Carey Building.

So far the work has consisted mainly of developing form and control. Until the last few days, in fact, the men had been confined strictly to pitching straight balls. From now on, however, most of the time will be devoted to curves and in pitching to a batter. The limited space of the cage will, however, prevent any extended line of work in this direction, so that the harder and more practical training will come upon the completion of the new cage on Soldiers Field.

The material as a whole seems to be fair, although it is hard to predict anything definitely at this time of the season. Many of the promising players on last year's teams are out, and with efficient coaching should do well. There seems to be a deplorable lack of candidates from the Freshman class, although there are few very good men among those who are candidates.