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The victory of the Sophomore Debating Club last evening was a fitting climax to a season of progress, which has proved conclusively the need of a debating organization open to second year men, and practically guarantees the existence of Sophomore Clubs in the future.

An interesting question which now arises, which in fact was discussed with considerable interest at the smoker of the Sophomore Club last evening, is the advisability of carrying Sophomore organization on into the Junior year. To us such a move seems of rather doubtful expedience. In the first place an increasing number of 1900 debaters, will, as time goes on, gain admission to the ranks of the University Debating Club. Secondly, English 30 provides about as much debating for forty Juniors as they care to carry. Thus the number of men who could take an active interest in a Junior Club is not large, and while a successful 1900 Class Club would doubtless prove a valuable addition to Harvard debating, a poorly supported organization in setting but a weak example to a Sophomore Club which would otherwise have everything in its favor, might do much more harm than good.

Thus we would urge 1900 debaters not to attempt further organization, unless they see their way clear to making it as effective as has been their Sophomore Club this year.