Drill Squad Elections.

At a meeting of the 1900 drill squad yesterday afternoon, it was decided to form two companies from the class. A division of the men was made according to height, the taller men constituting Company A and the shorter men Company B. The election of officers resulted as follows: Company A-Captain, R. W. Bliss; First Lieutenant, M. Churchill; Second Lieutenant, W. L. Shaw; First Sergeant, P. P. C ase. Company B-Captain, R. O. Dalton; First Lieutenant, R. J. Graves; Second Lieutenant, A. Hasbrouck; First Sergeant, H. J. Davenport.

The election of officers for the Law School Company resulted as follows: Captain, S. C. N. Kimberly 3L.; First Lieutenant, A. Monroe 1L.; Second Lieutenant, F. S. Parmenter 3L.; First Sergeant, J. R. Delafield 2L. The sergeants and corporals of the companies will be appointed from the ranks by the captains, according to proficiency in the manual of arms and in drilling.