Yale Crew at New London.

The Yale 'varsity crew went to their old quarters at Gale's Ferry on the Thames, Saturday. This is rather earlier than Yale usually goes to New London, but the fact that the course has been altered this year has made Mr. Cook anxious to get the crew thoroughly acquainted with the water before the race.

Mr. Cook has given up coaching the freshmen and will hereafter turn all his attention to the 'varsity. Rodgers, who coached last year's freshman crew will have entire charge of the freshmen.

The following are the 'varsity men who have been taken to Gale's Ferry: W. B. Williams, J. R. Greenleaf, F. W. Allen, J. H. Niedecken, J. P. Brock, H. P. Wickes, P. Whitney, J. W. Cross, R. A. McGee, J. C. Greenway, R. P. Flint, L. F. Greene and J. McL. Walton.